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About us

Who we are

We are a company with niche ability of marketing and a huge business experience that include sales of products and service to make your company grow as we grow as well. We pride ourselves with the problems you have in your company, possess the ability to solve them through our backend networking of over millions of contacts globally. Our companies have being in the business environment for decades that include a lucrative model that is ready to help you today with solutions.

After 25 years of running IT and Telecom company. We believe we hold the greatest influence that include buyers and sellers. CIX Connect can go in any area in the world and open a platform for buyers or sellers.

For the name sake we believe we have the wealth of contacts and distribution all over the world our consulting company has a change of scenario. Since the forming of business the key was to create a relationship of collaboration. We indeed became a success in every contact we come across. The Business facilitators have being one of the dominated industries in the world. Some companies they call them Marketers or sales people. The development of stuff can take ages to have staff member that will get with the portfolio of business and become faithful in every deal.

The commission structure and control of every deal some staff end up stealing the very idea that the company has and sell it to your competitors. We stand here to create a relationship with clients and the end seller handles the distribution and manufacturing as well as delivery. In some cases, we find channels that can deliver to our clients and create the solid contract between client and seller so that all our clients honour the agreement faithful with pride.

CIX Connect has a mentorship and advisory section whereby we can make parties understand each other and everyone come with creative selling points so that this relationship can create money with better enhancement. We are keen with potential and experience in the business as most of our experience comes from the rise and fall of businesses. We believe in business we are the phoenix of any business that is starting or in the middle of any crisis.

Our main focus is to connect communities, businesses and people to the world and we believe in this “as you grow we grow as well”.


Our Goal

We aim to bundle the solutions with every products we have on our portfolio. We believe in networking, marketing and delivering to the end clients. With our expertise we have staff that will support all of our clients.


To be the leader in business connectivity and to change the world with best solutions


To create a global sustainable growth using best potential and invest in knowledge and skill in order to open doors of unlimited creativity in business, networking and development.

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