CIX Connect believe in creating a win-win power house relationship that we will build both our companies for creating wealth using available resources. We believe we are a creative business starter and we have the advance acumen to build any model combining with available products to make a lucrative model. After 23 years of running Internet Cafes and Printing Shops. We now build models that works for businesses. It doesn’t matter of the size of the business or the budget, we can do it Phase by Phase. what i do we combine Business development

CiX Connect (is a IT and Telecommunication company with a change of scenario). Information technology and telecommunication has being one of the dominate industry in the world. CiX Connect was founded with greatness to change the IT and Telecoms industries. We are keen with potential and experience in the telecommunication as most of our experience comes from the IT and internet café. After running number of IT and Internet café we found the telecommunication as a platform to invent our platforms and knowledge.

Our main focus is to connect communities and people to the World Wide Web and we believe in as you grow we grow as well. CiX Connect found a niche market in Telecommunication particularly data mobile data and VOIP services. We used a number of companies as a reseller for our services. In order to learn the market, technical and financial capabilities around telecoms.

We manage to hold an ICASA license to be able to provide telecommunication products. Because of the growth in telecom products and other services we then open our company to any service provider that can carry our vehicle to bigger streams. Our aim is to make it one of the best solutions ever founded in this country. We believe this will be solution and we will be able to create wealth.


To be the leader in connectivity and to change the world with best solutions


To create a global sustainable growth using best potential and invest in knowledge and skill in order to open doors of unlimited creativity in technology, networking and connectivity.