MTN FIXED LTE network was dimensioned and upgraded to be LTE-A, focused at providing better fixed connectivity for customers.

Therefore, to benefit and experience the LTE-A upgrades and available network capacity, customers will require a compatible router. MTN Fixed LTE is a Super LTE-A that uses Cat 6 Routers Only. No Cat 4 Router or Mobile Phone Works With It.

Huawei B525 LTE WiFi Router – Black
The MTN Fixed LTE SIM get Geo Locked to the closest network tower, which means you cannot use this service at more than one location.
1 Month Data Rollover
If you don’t use it, you won’t lose it. Any unused Anytime data rolls over for one month, so you can bank your unused data and use it later. *Excludes the 10+10GB package.

Huawei B618 Modem White
Enjoy average speeds up to 300Mbps* in ideal Fixed LTE network and coverage conditions with compatible hardware
No OOB. No Surprise Bills
Out of Bundle data rates don’t apply. Just Top-Up your service when you run out.

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3 Month Data Rollover No Out of Bundle data rates. Available Nation Wide. Instant activation. No credit checks. Best speeds. Amenities: No Contracts, No Credit Checks, National Coverage.

Use Any LTE Compatible Device
No need to buy a new LTE router. You can order the SIM Only and use your own LTE compatible device

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We offer Landline Packages, that can be accessed using your android cellphone using an app

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