Telkom LTE 10mbps Uncapped data package


Discover Telkom LTE’s 10Mbps Uncapped Data Package for seamless connectivity. Enjoy fast and reliable internet without fixed line installations. Wide coverage, easy setup, and generous data allocation make staying connected effortless.



Unlock seamless connectivity with Telkom LTE’s 10Mbps Uncapped Data Package. Say goodbye to the hassles of fixed line installations while enjoying lightning-fast internet speeds. With wide coverage and compatibility with any LTE device, you can stay connected wherever you go.


Our hassle-free setup ensures you’re online in no time. No waiting for installations – just activate your service and start browsing.


Experience peace of mind with 500GB of monthly data allocation at 10Mbps speed. Even if you exceed your limit, you’ll still have access to data at reduced speeds, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity throughout the month.


Telkom LTE isn’t just about speed – it’s about convenience. Our service operates 24/7, so you’re always connected when you need it most.


Discover the freedom of uncapped LTE connectivity with Telkom LTE. Sign up today and experience internet without limits.


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