Telkom Data Plan Cyclone Volt 20GB(Day)+20GB(Night)


At CIX Connect, we offer flexible data plans to keep you connected day and night. With 20GB of Anytime Data and 20GB of Night Surfer Data, you can browse, stream, and stay productive on your own schedule. Plus, our Data Carry Over feature ensures that your unused Anytime Data rolls over to the next month, giving you even more value. Stay connected with CIX Connect today!



At CIX Connect, we understand that staying connected is essential in today’s world. That’s why we offer flexible data plans designed to suit your lifestyle and needs. Our data plans provide you with the freedom to browse, stream, and stay connected, whether it’s day or night.

Plan Details:

20GB Anytime Data: Enjoy 20GB of high-speed data that you can use anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re streaming your favorite shows, video conferencing with colleagues, or browsing the web, our Anytime Data plan has you covered.

20GB Night Surfer Data: Stay connected even after hours with 20GB of Night Surfer Data. Available exclusively from midnight (00:00) until 07:00 in the morning, Night Surfer Data lets you make the most of the late hours without worrying about data limits.

Validity Period:

The validity period of the monthly inclusive Anytime Data is two calendar months from the month of allocation.*

Note: Night Surfer Data is applicable only during the specified hours and expires at the end of the calendar month from the month of allocation.

Data Carry Over:

Data Carry Over only applicable to Anytime Data. With Data Carry Over, you can roll over any unused Anytime Data to the following month, ensuring that you never lose out on your data allowance. It’s our way of giving you the flexibility and value you deserve.

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