Bundle Packages: Landline, Data, Emails


Optimize your business communication with our Bundle Packages. Enjoy high-speed internet (80GB+80GB Telkom Internet), unlimited landline calls (012), and professional email hosting (.co.za). Streamline your connectivity needs and boost productivity with convenience and value.



Streamline your communication and connectivity needs with our comprehensive Bundle Packages. Perfect for businesses of all sizes, these packages combine essential services to keep you connected, productive, and efficient. With generous data allowances, unlimited landline calls, and professional email hosting, our bundles offer unbeatable value and convenience.


Key Features:


  1. Telkom Internet (80GB+80GB): Enjoy highspeed internet access with a total data allowance of 80GB+80GB. Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming content, or conducting online meetings, our reliable internet connection ensures smooth and uninterrupted performance.


  1. Unlimited Landline (012/015/011/etc): Stay connected with your clients, customers, and colleagues using our unlimited landline service. Make as many calls as you need to local and national numbers with no restrictions or additional charges.


  1. Company Email Hosted (.co.za): Enhance your professional image with company branded email addresses hosted on your own domain name (e.g., yourname@yourcompany.co.za). Benefit from secure and reliable email hosting services, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration within your organization.




 Convenience: Consolidate your communication and connectivity services into a single, easy to manage package, saving you time and effort.


 Cost Savings: Enjoy significant cost savings compared to purchasing each service individually, making our bundle packages a cost effective solution for your business needs.


 Scalability: As your business grows, our bundle packages can scale with you. Easily upgrade or customize your services to accommodate changing requirements and preferences.


Get Started Today:


Take the hassle out of managing your communication and connectivity needs. Choose our Bundle Packages for landline, data, and emails, and experience seamless connectivity, unparalleled convenience, and unbeatable value for your business. Contact us now to learn more and get started on optimizing your business communication today


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